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Introducing Ganik Plastics’s PVC Strip Curtains

Our PVC Strip Curtains, also known as PVC curtains or vinyl strip doors, are the unsung heroes of various industries. While they may not steal the spotlight, they silently contribute to the creation of efficient, comfortable, and safe environments.

Why Ganik Plastics’s PVC Strip Curtains Matter

Efficient Temperature Control with PVC Strip Curtains

Imagine having curtains that regulate your workspace’s temperature, keeping it warm in winter and cool in summer. That’s precisely what our PVC Strip Curtains do. They are essential for places like cold storage rooms or cozy workspaces.

Improved Energy Efficiency with PVC Strip Curtains

Our PVC Strip Curtains assist with temperature control, translating into potential savings on heating and cooling costs. That’s more money in your pocket!

Effective Noise Reduction with PVC Strip Curtains

Workspaces can become noisy at times. Ganik Plastics’s PVC Strip Curtains act as effective sound barriers, reducing noise levels and creating a quieter and more peaceful workspace.

Keep your Workspace Clean and Hygienic with PVC Strip Curtains

Our curtains excel at keeping out dust, pests, and even birds. This is a significant advantage for maintaining cleanliness, especially in areas like food processing plants.

Hassle-free Maintenance of PVC Strip Curtains 

Cleaning our PVC Strip Curtains is a breeze – a simple wipe with a damp cloth, and they are as good as new.

PVC Strip Curtains make both Safety and Visibility possible

Our curtains provide the perfect balance of safety and visibility. You can see through them while they keep unwanted elements at bay.

PVC Strip Curtains are Cost-Effective Barrier Solution 

Ganik Plastics’s PVC Strip Curtains are not only effective but also budget-friendly when compared to other partitioning solutions. They deliver excellent value for your investment.

Whether you’re overseeing a bustling warehouse, a serene office, or a specialized manufacturing facility, Ganik Plastics’s PVC Strip Curtains are tailored to meet your needs.

We’re here to assist you in enhancing the efficiency of your workspace. Let’s discuss how can Our PVC Strip Curtains help you do so for your workspace.


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Leading PVC Strip Curtains Manufacturer & Suppliers India

Order Strip Curtains roll online for your house directly from India’s prominent Strip Curtain manufacturer at the most competitive prices. Our strip curtains are suitable for maintaining a cool interior temperature. Our transparent strip curtains provide unobstructed eyesight by allowing light to flow through. Our Strip Curtains may be utilized to create divisions in warehouses, cold storage facilities, and other locations.

We are a leading manufacturer of PVC Strip Curtains in Uttar Pradesh, India. Our Leading PVC Strip Curtains are an efficient method of preventing dust and insects from entering. They are effective at reducing heat or cold loss from temperature-controlled environments and are also very low-maintenance. They are constructed of a specifically created PVC material that is also quite straightforward to install.

Features of Our Manufactured PVC Strip Curtains

At Ganik Plastics, you’ll discover striped curtains in a variety of colors and opacities, which makes our made strip curtains ideal for a variety of functions. They are constructed of sturdy and long-lasting PVC materials that provide good coverage and are perfect for usage. Utilize the strip curtains to keep birds, flies, and insects out of the room.

Our PVC Strip Curtains Product Range:

As a major Strip Curtain Manufacturer, we must meet the needs of every organization. As a result, we have a variety of strip curtain styles. Our strip curtains may be used for a variety of applications and can be put in a variety of locations. Strip curtains are available in the following styles:

PVC Strip Curtains Industrial Curtains
Anti-Static PVC StripsPolar PVC Strips
Anti-Insect PVC StripsWelding Grade PVC Strips
Red Marker PVC StripsOpaque PVC Strips
Insulated PVC StripsWarehouse PVC Strips

PVC Strip Curtains: Effective Contamination Prevention

Plastic Strip Curtains are the most effective approach to boost workplace efficiency and comfort. These PVC strip curtains from Ganik Plastics, a leading manufacturer of PVC strip curtains, assist prevent contamination from germs, insects, and dust. Additionally, they assist in controlling the room’s temperature. They’re also extremely simple to install and quite robust.

Different Sizes Can Be Customized According to Your Needs:


Benefits of PVC Strip Curtains

  • They Reduce Contamination
  • They Control Temperature
  • They Increase Comfort and Productivity
  • They Are Economical
  • They Are Simple to Install

Why Choose The Ganik Plastics’ Range Of PVC Strip Curtains?

We are the leading producer and supplier of PVC Strip Curtains in the world, with over 2 lakh happy clients. Our product is very effective in a variety of ways. From keeping insects out to managing the room’s temperature, our plastic strip curtains have shown to be the finest. They’re not only cost-effective and simple to install, but they also boost productivity and give increased comfort.


Our range of strip curtains are known due to following advantages :

  • Reduce heat or cold air loss
  • Admit light
  • Restrict movements of air pollutants
  • Low maintenance cost
  • An occasional wash with plain water or liquid detergent and strips can be replaced independently if required
  • Prevent Birds/ Flies etc to enter in the working area

Salient Features :

  • U.V. Stabilized, clear TRPT, Flexible PVC Strips
  • Hanging system- Powder Coated M.S. Chanel/ Stainless Steel/ Aluminium Chanel
  • Transparency – See through strips, to allow both way safe traffic flow
  • Welding grade is also available
  • Buffer Strips – With a number of ribs to absorb the initial impact for very heavy movement area
  • Easy installation
Strip Curtains Manufacturers

We also entertain customized requirements of our clients.


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    Trust Most Dependable Among PVC Strip Curtains Manufacturers

    Every organization may benefit from PVC strip curtain doors; however, their use may vary. We are most trustable manufacturer in the group of PVC strip curtains manufacturers of India. Our PVC strip curtains are used by manufacturers to keep certain areas clean and sterile from dust, bugs, and pests.

     The following are some frequent applications for PVC strip curtain doors in businesses:

    • The PVC strip curtain doors can be used in locations where staff is continuously transporting items between freezers or freezer rooms in grocery shops and food processing plants. Strip curtain doors are excellent barriers between areas of frequent traffic and temperature changes due to their temperature control properties and ease of passage.
    • PVC strip curtain doors can be used in warehouses and factories at loading docks and departure areas where personnel is continually loading and unloading items. This will aid in maintaining the building’s internal temperature and will keep out the sun, mosquitoes, and vermin.

    Industrial Grade Transparent Strip Curtains Manufacturers

    We are one of the best market’s leading Strip curtains manufacturers in the group of curtain manufacturers our quality product allow for quick access between doors and warehouses, as well as to divide shop and workspace to conserve energy. Strip Curtains are available in a variety of configurations, including clear, ribbed, weld-view, and anti-static. Our Staff Customizes the Size and Design. Contact us immediately. Curtains for welding, grinding, machine rooms, loading docks, and specialty production processes are also available.


    Simple and quick installation curtains from the leading entity among Strip curtains manufacturers in India. Strip curtains manufacturers have an established track record of performance in areas that have historically used strip curtains, such as refrigerators and freezers. However, if money is the primary consideration, pick the Strip curtains manufacturer PVC Strip Curtain.

    ·         Aluminum bar mount hardware for loop type strips for openings up to 60″ wide x 96″ high

    ·         Strips are available in widths of 6′′ or 8′′.

    ·         Material of standard or low-temperature grade retains its flexibility even in severely cold circumstances.

    ·         PVC material in the clear standard grade, USDA-rated low-temp, or off-set double ribbed

    ·         Resistant to tears and abrasion

    ·         fault warranty for a certain period