Anti Insect PVC Strip Curtain Manufacturer and Supplier India

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Anti Insect PVC Strip Curtain Manufacturer and Supplier India

PVC strip curtains made of thick long strips of translucent PVC are becoming more popular as a result of the diversity they provide. It provides visibility and light for safety, as well as a significant reduction in the number of accidents.

It helps to decrease noise pollution in the workplace. It keeps insects and dust out of the workspace, resulting in a more pleasant working environment. It helps to maintain the proper temperature by serving as a deterrent to tiny insects and flies from entering the building. It contributes to retaining seclusion while also allowing for airflow.

Leading Anti Insect PVC Strip Curtain Manufacturer

We are a well-known Anti Insect PVC Strip Curtain Manufacturers and are at the forefront of the Anti Insect PVC Strip Curtain Manufacturing market by providing our customers in India and internationally with goods and services of unrivaled quality.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Solutions

You have come to the right place if you are seeking environmentally safe and humane, long-term alternatives of Anti Insect PVC Strip Curtain Manufacturer. We are the top Anti Insect PVC Strip Curtain manufacturer available.

You may depend on our Anti-Insect PVC Strip Curtains with confidence or blind faith since they are manufactured without inflicting damage or toxicity to the individuals working in the vicinity or to the environment.

Our anti-insect PVC Strip Curtain is free of phthalates, guaranteeing that it is safe for use by workers, customers, and employees, as well as the surrounding environment.

FeatureTransparency, High surrounding repellency effect, Kills 100% of the mosquitoes in contact with the vinyl, Human safe, repulsive agent recommended by the WHO in the 200 essential medicines.​​​​​
UseShower Curtain,Office Use,Home Kitchen
Payment TermsCheque, Others, Cash Against Delivery (CAD)
Main Domestic MarketAll India
Main Export Market(s)Asia

Anti-insect we propose our anti insect PVC strip curtain manufacturers services as a material because they include Citronella – a smell that has been shown to discourage bees, wasps, flies, and other airborne pests. Additionally, the PVC strip is translucent yellow in colour – yellow is a well-known fly and mosquito repellant. These two compounds added to the PVC product assist ensure that cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, and other places with hot kitchens may use a superior PVC product.

  • Bacteria may be carried by insects and pests and transferred from them to food. To assist in reducing possible contamination, all culinary facilities with open access points should implement a four-point strategy:
  • Prevent entry – by putting our insect-resistant PVC strip curtain over all open access points and openings.
  • Maintain a clean environment – avoid accumulation of garbage and waste and maintain a high quality of cleanliness

Notify us of any symptoms of pests;

Maintain and replace all pest deterrents as necessary – replace any Our anti insect pvc strip curtain manufacturers services that have become damaged or dirty over time – PVC strip curtains should be treated as a surface in the kitchen environment and should be cleaned frequently with hot / warm water only; we do not recommend using bleach or other detergents.

PVC strip with anti-insect properties is frequently used in the following environments:

  • Kitchens
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Bars
  • Offices
  • Food processing
  • manufacturing companies
  • Warehousing

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