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Automatic Boom Barrier Manufacturers and Suppliers India

Ganik Automation is one of the best companies in India that makes and sells boom barriers. These automatic Boom Barrier Manufacturers are great for controlling traffic in both parking spaces and places where people walk. Our automatic parking barriers are perfect for toll gates, residential areas, and factories.

Boom Barriers Technical Specifications:

This Boom Barrier Manufacturers electro-mechanical drive unit, which includes gears, shafts, and ball bearings, is controlled by a computer.

  • Electronic Motor:DC reversible motor, 14 HP, 900 rpm, 40 watts, maintenance-free. It has a dual-speed opening and closing and electrical braking.
  • Control Panel:This controls the boom’s direction and speed. It can be fixed in the guardroom or the barrier box.
  • Push Button:A piano-style push button activates the barrier.
  • The barrier can be activated remotely from up to 100 ft away.
  • Optical Sensors:This prevents the boom from falling when a car or person is underneath.
  • In the event of a power outage, battery backup is provided (Optional).
  • Integration:The barrier accepts RFID and biometric readers.
  • In Auto-Close Mode:the barrier closes after a predetermined time (10 seconds).


  • Improved security
  • Control the flow of traffic
  • Save money on security costs
  • Make money on car park spaces
  • Instant privacy
  • Efficient use of space
  • Made to last
  • Easy exit in case of power failure

We also entertain customized requirements of our clients.

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Enhanced and Automated Entrance Security Is Possible

Thanks to the Leading Boom Barrier Manufacturer

If you are looking for the leading boom barrier manufacturers in India then you are in the right place.  Ganik Automation is the manufacturer of the durable and the cost-effective boom barriers in India. Boom barriers are available at us in a variety of driving systems, including electromechanical, electrohydraulic, and electro-pneumatic.

Our Security Barrier easily stand out of the crowd of the boom barriers of other boom barrier manufacturers of India. They are ideal for a variety of purposes, including traffic control, parking lots at industrial locations, and organizing vehicle access and departure. By the utilization of our boom barriers ensures the administration of the organization that the passage is only given to the approved vehicles.

Make the Regulation of Vehicular Access breeze

With India’s Most Trustable Boom Barrier Manufacturer

Ganik Automation is the most trusted entity among Boom Barrier Manufacturers in India. It has acquired such recognition by constantly delivering the promised quality and service. Our boom Barriers are designed to control vehicular access to various sorts of residential and commercial properties since security has become a top priority in the modern-day. These barriers are created to function at 100% duty cycle since their drive mechanism is enclosed in an oil-filled module – ensuring little wear on the mechanical components when operating at high-frequency locations.

Custom Boom Barriers for Your Specific Need

Ganik Automation provides a variety of boom barriers to meet a variety of site needs, from toll booths to high-security installations such as those used in the banking and hotel industries. The Ganik boom barrier series is meant to endure up to 25 years. As an indigenous product, Ganik takes pleasure in guaranteeing that replacement parts and product support are available at true cost to its loyal end customers, system integrators, and dealers.

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