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Ganik Automation is an Automatic Sliding Gates Manufacturer that has dominated the business of Automatic Sliding Gates Manufacturing by providing the highest quality Automatic Sliding Gates at the most competitive prices. Our collection of premium Automatic Sliding Gates is carefully constructed under the supervision of expert professionals in accordance with the defined quality standards. Additionally, we are well regarded as Automatic Sliding Gates Manufacturers because of the elements we include into our Automatic Sliding Gates, which include superior quality, dependability, exceptional strength, and longevity.

Experienced Automatic Sliding Gates Manufacturer with State Of The Art Infrastructure

Our cutting-edge infrastructure enables us to meet our customers’ expectations. Additionally, we have an experienced team of specialists that use all available resources to create high-quality goods. Our quality supervisors undertake raw material inspection and final inspection in order to provide a defect-free variety of slide and swing gates. We are able to perform tests efficiently due to our advanced testing facilities.

Major Features of our Automatic Sliding Gates:

  • Sliding Gates are the most extensively utilized and economical form of gate.
  • Utilizes a precise machine-cut toothed pinion in conjunction with a galvanized rack assembly.
  • Our sliding gates are available in single or double side sliding configurations to accommodate the specific site conditions.
  • A polished bright bar serves as the bottom rail, which is supported by a strong duty I-beam.
  • Nylon guide rollers with bearings are utilized at the top of the unit to provide smooth functioning and to guide the moving Leaf.
  • A stopper is installed at each end-track to absorb any impact and to secure the gate in the open or closed position.
  • A vertical safety edge may be added to prevent damage or injury in the event of an accident.
  • Additionally, these motorized sliding gates have an integrated hinged/sliding side gate for pedestrian usage
  • Electromechanical European-made geared motors with capacities ranging from 400 to 6000 kg for use with heavy gates.
  • In the event of a power outage, these Sliding Gates may be manually controlled.
  • For further security, these Sliding Gates may be connected with the entry boom barrier.
  • A variety of industrial gate designs are available to meet the client’s preference.
  • Sandblasting, hot deep galvanizing, and painting services are available.

Automatic Sliding Gates

We also entertain customized requirements of our clients.

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Why Choose Automatic Sliding Gates?

Our Automatic Sliding Gates are heavy-duty gates with a smooth bottom track functioning and are equipped with a sturdy electrical motor and controls imported from Europe. However, there are a number of reasons why you should use Automatic Sliding Gates. Motorized Sliding Gates, on the other hand, provide the security of your property and are suitable for openings of any size. Automatic Sliding Gates are therefore the ideal answer for individuals that value the security of their premises and are searching for an added layer of protection.

Why Choose This Automatic Sliding Gates Manufacturer For Your Automatic Sliding Gates?

Our Automatic Sliding Gates allow the electric gate to open and shut automatically, without the user needing to push the gate manually. With electronic locks, our Automatic Sliding Gates provide an entirely safe workplace. Our Automatic Sliding Gates may be programmed to halt at any point while they are in motion. Additionally, several safety features are included in our Automatic Sliding Gates to ensure that they satisfy the greatest safety requirements.


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Increased Security without Sacrificing Usable Space

Made possible by Leading Automatic Sliding Gates Manufacturer

If you were looking for a reliable Automatic sliding Gates manufacturer in the bunch of automatic Sliding Gates Manufacturers you just found on making this google search, then you have landed on the online platform of the most reliable Automatic sliding gates manufacturer who is also leading the front of Automatic Sliding Gates manufacturers in India.

We are among  of automatic sliding gates manufacturers that can surely help safeguard your property while providing authorized staff easy access. We provide complete installation of fences and sliding gates, as well as electricity hookup. We put in all the safety measures that are required, and we also give you a lot of other options.

These sliding gates can be completely automated, operated through a key card or radio remote, or even from a guard tower. We incorporate conventional safety features such as a camera eye for pedestrian detection and a reverse safety edge. For added security, you can set your sliding gate to close itself after a certain amount of time, preventing people from getting in.

Features & Specifications the Process of Automatic Sliding Gates Manufacturers

Sliding gates from the group of automatic sliding gates manufacturers are an excellent choice, low-maintenance option for creating a secure entry point. We provide a range of styles, ranging from decorative to wire fabric, all of which display robust, dependable performance. Additionally, we provide industrial versions for regions that require additional security. If you have an area that needs to be secured, we have the fence, the gate, and the installation personnel.

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