Opaque PVC Strip Curtains

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Opaque PVC Strip Curtains Manufacturers and Suppliers India

Leading Opaque PVC Strip Curtains Manufacturers

We are a leading manufacturer of opaque PVC strip curtains based in Uttar Pradesh, India. Our Opaque PVC Strip Curtain is generally used to provide a visual barrier between public and restricted loading areas. These are utilized in situations such as airport luggage conveyors when it is desired to conceal an area. These are especially intended to minimize energy waste and expense.

Features of Our Opaque PVC Strip Curtains

  • High performance
  • Extremely stiff stays straight
  • Increased workplace safety
  • Opaque Rigid PVC Sheets

Applications Of Our Opaque PVC Strip Curtains

When you place an order with a major organization in the field, one thing you can be sure of is that you will get exceptional service and the most affordable price for the quality. These are all the same things when it comes to dealing with this top manufacturer of Opaque PVC Strip Curtains. Our Opaque PVC Strip Curtains are of the highest quality and are available at the most competitive prices.

Opaque PVC Strip Curtains can be utilized anywhere privacy is required; they can be operated as a full visual barrier, entirely isolating work areas from prying eyes, and they provide the standard duties of PVC strip curtains, such as temperature regulation.

Size Custom
Material Polyvinyl Chloride
Feature Pencil_pleat
Use Application- Hotel, Factories, airport, textile, food processing industries, Pharmaceuticals, Automobile industry, Welding bays, Easy to clean and use
Color Custom
Pattern Plain
Style Customized
Design Chinese
Payment Terms Cheque, Others, Cash Against Delivery (CAD)
Main Domestic Market All India
Main Export Market(s) Asia

Maintaining Privacy and Hassle Free Access Is Possible

Contact the Most Trusted amongst Opaque PVC Strip Curtains Manufacturers Right Now!

If your workplace has a need of visual barrier that does not hamper the access to the area around which the barrier is placed then dial +919999864033 to contact the most trusted amongst the opaque PVC Strip Curtains Manufacturers in India.

We offer Opaque Rigid PVC Sheets in two finishes: glossy on one side and matte on the other. They are typically utilized for Payment App Stands, Payment Displays, Signage, Advertisement Display Stands, and smart cards. These sheets are offset printable, fusible, and have a high degree of whiteness for improved printing.

Sturdy Opaque PVC Strip Curtains in Diverse Range of Colors

Opaque Rigid PVC Sheets are PVC Sheets that are available in a variety of colors including white, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, black, and grey. These are sheets suitable for extrusion with a gloss or matt surface. These sheets are available in both offset and digital formats. These sheets may be used for a variety of purposes including signage, display stands, digital payment terminals, printing, and advertising.

Ganik Plastics: A Reliable Indian Business for Industrial Curtains and Gates

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