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India’s Major Industrial Curtain Hanger Manufacturers and Suppliers

Ganik Plastics is known all across India for providing Industrial curtain hangers (or any Industrial machinery it manufactures) of the highest quality for hanging PVC strips or other such curtains used in industries for various intents and purposes. Moreover, we do not only manufacture one type of Industrial Curtain Hangers. For instance, depending upon your requirements or the curtain material/weight that you plan to hang on the ordered Industrial Curtain Hanger, we can deliver Industrial Curtain Hanger of the following types:

  1. Industrial Curtain Hangers with Nylon Wheels that are suitable for Lighter Curtains
  2. Industrial Curtain Hangers with Steel Wheels that are suitable for Heavy Curtains

Being an Experienced Industrial Curtain Manufacturer in India, we understand that providing our clients with ample alternatives makes them make decisions that are profitable for their business, and if they make a profit after doing business with us, they will definitely return to our business for their PVC curtains, Factory Gates, Rolling Shutters, doors and barriers (both Automatic and Manual) related needs.

Why Buy Our Industrial Curtain Hangers?

There is more to industrial curtains than their fabric type. Besides Curtains fabric, the components that are an essential part of every Industrial Curtain Hanging system are Industrial Curtain Hanger and Track. So, it is important for you to check out the features of the Industrial Hanging solution that you are planning to order.

Key features of Our Industrial Curtain Hanger and Track:

  1. Straight and curved designs are available to complement any architecture.
    1. Available in Lengths of four, six, or eight feet.
    2. Always open to providing Customized Solutions
  2. Options to choose as per material type:
    1. Stainless Steel Industrial Curtain Hanger and Track
    2. Aluminum Industrial Curtain Hanger and Track
    3. S. Industrial Curtain Hanger and Track
  3. Easy to install since its design promotes Easy installation
  4. Secure and Easy to Operate Post proper Installation.
  5. Track opening dimensions:
    1. 44-inches wide
    2. 25-inches high
    3. Always open to providing Customized Solutions
  6. Available with all popular Curtain Trolley/Roller options:
  7. Sturdy and Reliable Hardware for Secure installation.

So, if you’re looking for industrial curtain hanger manufacturers who can provide you with a sturdy and dependable industrial curtain hanging system that includes all of the essential and popular features, look no further than Ganik Plastics. Because besides delivering you with a sturdy and reliable product, we create products that perfectly meet your expectations at a price that is reasonable for the quality of the product that we deliver. So, shop for the best industrial curtain hangers in India from our collection of exclusive, customized Industrial Curtain Hanging solutions.

Industrial Curtain Hanger Manufacturers with Rich Industrial Experience and Expertise

Owing to our rich industrial experience and expertise, we are engaged in offering a wide range of Industrial Curtain hangers to meet the needs of our clients at a profitable cost. Our Industrial Curtain Hangers are manufactured by a staff comprising skilled professionals and efficient workers of the industry that works with complete devotion to offer highly efficient and defect-free Quality products.

 Manufacturers of All Types of Industrial Curtain Hanger Systems

Our Curtain hangers are highly durable and are offered with the following types of hanging systems:

  1. Powder Coated Industrial curtain Hanger
  2. Channel Industrial curtain Hanger
  3. Stainless Steel Industrial curtain Hanger
  4. Aluminum Channel Industrial curtain Hanger

Industrial Curtain Hanger Manufacturers That Can Fulfill Your Order Anytime

Ganik Plastics has bulk production for industrial curtains hangers ready for any order value with trained technicians to install at any time. We are manufacturers and importers as well for the highest-grade Industrial Curtain Hangers. India’s No. 1 Industrial Curtain Hangers with any Specifications are available at us all around the year.

Industrial Curtain Hanger Manufacturers of Personalized Hanging Systems

With our client-centric approach, our Industrial Curtain Hangers are designed especially for your factors. We do entertain the customized requirements of our clients. Our capacity allows us to become the best suppliers and installers of Industrial Curtain Hangers.
We are catering to our clients for more than 35 years. During this long period of time, we have developed enough industry expertise in order to serve our clients effectively.

Our Industrial Curtain Hanger Specifications 
Size Custom
Material Stainless Steel, Aluminium, M.S.
Feature U.V. Stabilized, clear TRPT, Flexible PVC Strips
Use Ceiling mount and wall mount meet different uses
Color Custom
Pattern Plain
Style Customized
Design Chinese
Payment Terms Cheque, Others, Cash Against Delivery (CAD)
Offered By GANIK Plastics
Main Domestic Market All India
Main Export Market(s) Asia


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