Industrial Curtain Hangers: A Must-Have for Gyms in Pandemic

Industrial Curtain Hanger Manufacturers

If your gym has many teams training concurrently or an excessive number of customers overall, or if you are concerned about the transmission of Covid during waves of an ongoing epidemic, gym dividers may be beneficial. Gym divider curtains enable you to utilize available floor space by segmenting the room into smaller zones. The curtains are very efficient: they are extremely thin and take up almost little space while maintaining industrial strength.

Additionally, Ganik Automation offers unbeatable rates on industrial curtains and curtain hangers. Therefore, choose from a variety of divider designs and tailor them to your specifications – sizes, colors, accessories, vinyl panels, threaded rod mounts, and whatever else you want!

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Custom-Made Gym Divider Curtains

The Advantages of Industrial Curtains for Gyms

  • Gym divider curtains are quite affordable; they cost a fraction of the price of permanent constructions.
  • Easily split your gym to maximize space use
  • Prevent damage to gym equipment in the event of an accident
  • Increased privacy in certain gym locations
  • The walk pull gym partition curtain can be easily removed, stored, repositioned, and used.
  • You can always buy more gym dividers and join them together to form a bigger wall.
  • Has the potential to be repurposed in various areas
  • Enhance the safety of people working in the gym
  • Easily rolls out of the way when not in use
  • Vinyl’s smooth surface makes it easy to clean.
  • Customize their colors to produce aesthetically pleasing looks

It Takes Up Very Little Space.

When the gymnasium curtain is not required, just walk it to the edges of the gym, where it will neatly store out of the way. You may save even more room by attaching a curtain tie-back strap to the wall.

Superior Materials

Opaque Vinyl

For many years, industrial-grade Opaque Vinyl has been the industry standard. Completely opaque and see-through, this material is excellent for noise abatement.

What Distinguishes Our Industrial Grade Gym Curtains?

Options for Customization

There are several options for customization depending on the sort of gym partition wall you choose. The following are some examples:

  • Select precise widths and heights
  • Numerous track types, each with its own unique mounting possibilities
  • Arrange your dividers in a variety of ways
  • Panels made of vinyl
  • Panels with a clear vision
  • Velcro closures
  • Chain sizing
  • Anchor straps, etc…

Significantly Less Expensive Than Roll-Ups

The cost of walk draw gym divider curtains is much cheaper than the cost of roll-up gym curtains. Additionally, they are simple to install, in comparison to the more sophisticated motorized ones available. Additionally, such systems’ motors need maintenance and are very costly to repair. Additionally, you would have to deal with electrical connections that must be hardwired and controllers that must be installed. Electrically powered models may likewise fail in the case of a major incident. No maintenance is required with our roller track system, and even a school kid can open and shut them.

Dropdown Curtain Track is Simple to Install

Our gym divider curtain track is simple to install and does not need special equipment, welding, or specialized training. The track is bolted together and modular in design, allowing it to be disassembled and used with a new configuration in the future. The most often used type is the threaded rod track, as seen above. From above, this track clamps to a flange and then lowers to the appropriate height. Additionally, four other attachment options are available, as shown by the tabs below.

Simple to Install

Gym curtains have a snap-together galvanized steel track that makes installation and reconfiguration a breeze.

Assuring Security

If the gym is busy, flying sports balls will not disrupt other people’s sports.

Noise Control

Due to the thick PVC used in the gym partition walls, they will aid in noise reduction. This contributes to the reduction of screaming and bouncing ball noise.


The gym divider walls guarantee that everyone has their own allotted place to play, eliminating collisions.

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