What Are Double Ribbed PVC Strip Curtains?

A roll of double ribbed pvc strip curtain

Double Ribbed PVC Strip Curtains are created to prevent excessive temperatures, dust, and noise using cutting-edge technology. These drapes are the most durable, low-maintenance, and inexpensively available.

Clients value the quality and flexibility of Double Ribbed PVC Strip Curtains. Double-ribbed PVC strip curtains are ideal for meeting the needs of business owners in the medical industry, manufacturing units, dairy industry, agriculture, food factories, warehouses, and packaging industries.

Double Ribbed PVC Strip Curtains are appropriate for employee workflows, such as trolleys, machines, and equipment movement. They are suitable for temperatures ranging from 15 °C to +50 °C.

Advantages of Double Ribbed PVC Strip Curtain

Why you should use Double Ribbed PVC Strip Curtain. We have made a list with in-depth details:


Any product manufactured by a company is not easy and necessitates a large amount of equipment and large investments. They are constantly thinking about returns on investment. At the same time, quality is essential for market success. Ganik Plastics does not remain silent after delivering goods. We maintain high standards in product design by using high-quality materials.


Safety measures must be maintained in all manufacturing units, including the medical, food, and beverage industries.

Double-ribbed PVC strip curtains play an important role in protecting the building from unexpected damage caused by insects, temperature, flies, and other factors. Curtains must be installed in business units not only to protect but also to look good for the company.

Reduce Noise, Dust, and pollutant emissions

Everyday life in any building can be distracting, but this is especially true in factories or any type of manufacturing plant. Forklifts are constantly moving around the facility, and loud machinery is constantly running.

Even though you can’t eliminate these loud noises completely, you can lower the noise level in certain parts of your building by putting up strip doors or sound shield curtains.

Double ribbed PVC strip curtains not only keep noise from traveling from room to room, but they can also keep dirt from getting into a certain area.

Increase Productivity

You are aware that life in your building can be hectic on a daily basis. Because of all these distractions, you may notice that your employees aren’t working as hard as they used to.

Double Ribbed PVC Strip Curtains are an ideal solution for lowering the noise level or isolating a specific area, which can help employees focus and stay on task. You can limit noise levels in specific areas of your building by sectioning it off, allowing others to work in peace.

Establish Departmental Areas

You are already looking for ways to increase productivity in your building. Double Ribbed PVC Strip Curtains can be used to not only increase employee productivity but also to create specific departments within the facility.

For example, the production team could be put in one part of the building, while the office staff could be put in another.

Even though these industrial curtains keep out noise and create physical barriers, they don’t separate workers from each other.

Provide Easy Access

You may need to gain access to a specific area at times. Instead of constructing multiple walls and doorways, use strip door curtains.

These will give each room the privacy it needs while still letting forklifts and other machines come and go when they need to.

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